# AbpHelper.GUI

Providing code generation and more features to help you develop applications and modules with the ABP framework (opens new window). It can be used to call ABP CLI, generate code, manage modules, etc.

Make sure backup your source files before using it!

This GUI app depends on AbpHelper.CLI (opens new window), you can use the CLI directly if you prefer command line.

# Getting Started

  1. Download the package from EasyAbp/AbpHelper.GUI/releases (opens new window) and unpack the files. Or you can also download the source code and use npm run package command to package the app yourself.

  2. Run the executable file.

preview 1 preview 2

# Usage

# Roadmap

  • [x] Support ABP CLI login command
  • [x] AbpHelper CLI update check
  • [ ] Solution management
  • [ ] GUI of market.abp.io
  • [ ] EF Core provider change helper

We are always looking forward to your code contribution.

Last Updated: 9/11/2020, 3:40:44 PM