# NotificationService

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An integrated user notification service Abp module, supporting email, SMS, PM, and more other methods.

# Online Demo

We have launched an online demo for this module: https://notification.samples.easyabp.io (opens new window)

# Installation

  1. Install the following NuGet packages. (see how (opens new window))

    • EasyAbp.NotificationService.Application
    • EasyAbp.NotificationService.Application.Contracts
    • EasyAbp.NotificationService.Domain
    • EasyAbp.NotificationService.Domain.Shared
    • EasyAbp.NotificationService.EntityFrameworkCore
    • EasyAbp.NotificationService.HttpApi
    • EasyAbp.NotificationService.HttpApi.Client
    • (Optional) EasyAbp.NotificationService.MongoDB
    • (Optional) EasyAbp.NotificationService.Web
    • (Optional) EasyAbp.NotificationService.Provider.Mailing
    • (Optional) EasyAbp.NotificationService.Provider.Sms
  2. Add DependsOn(typeof(NotificationServiceXxxModule)) attribute to configure the module dependencies. (see how (opens new window))

  3. Add builder.ConfigureNotificationService(); to the OnModelCreating() method in MyProjectMigrationsDbContext.cs.

  4. Add EF Core migrations and update your database. See: ABP document (opens new window).

# Usage

You can create a notification using a notification factory or manually.

# Create with Notification Factory

  1. Create a factory.

    public class UserWelcomeNotificationFactory
        : NotificationFactory<UserWelcomeNotificationDataModel, CreateSmsNotificationEto>, ITransientDependency
        public override async Task<CreateSmsNotificationEto> CreateAsync(
            UserWelcomeNotificationDataModel model, IEnumerable<Guid> userIds)
            var text = $"Hello, {model.UserName}, here is a gift card code for you: {model.GiftCardCode}";
            return new CreateSmsNotificationEto(userIds, text, new Dictionary<string, object>());
  2. Use the factory to create a notification and publish it.

    var eto = await userWelcomeNotificationFactory.CreateAsync(
        model: new UserWelcomeNotificationDataModel(userData.UserName, giftCardCode),
        userId: userData.Id
    await distributedEventBus.PublishAsync(eto);

# Create Manually

Publish the notification.

await distributedEventBus.PublishAsync(new CreateEmailNotificationEto(userIds, subject, body));


# Q&A

# How to Change User's Email Address and Phone Number Info Source

You can override the IdentityUserEmailAddressProvider (opens new window) and the IdentityUserPhoneNumberProvider (opens new window).

# How to Use a Dynamic Notification Content Template

You can use the ABP Text Templating (opens new window) feature, see the demo (opens new window).

# Road map

  • [ ] Private messaging notification provider.
  • [ ] WeChat uniform message notification provider.
  • [ ] Notification management UI.
Last Updated: 12/28/2020, 10:02:32 AM