# Abp.TagHelperPlus

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An Abp MVC UI tag-helper enhancement module to enhance ABP built-in tag-helpers and provide new tag-helpers such as rich text editor, advanced selector, and more.

# Online Demo

We have launched an online demo for this module: https://taghelper.samples.easyabp.io (opens new window)

# Installation

  1. Install the following NuGet packages. (see how (opens new window))

    • EasyAbp.Abp.TagHelperPlus
  2. Add DependsOn(typeof(AbpTagHelperPlusModule)) attribute to configure the module dependencies. (see how (opens new window))

# Features

# EasySelector

Improve the abp-select to support paged items and search.


# Road map

  • [x] Easy Selector
  • [x] Support abp-select
  • [ ] Items sorter
  • [ ] Rich text editor
Last Updated: 11/16/2022, 8:10:32 AM