# Abp.Trees

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An abp module that provides standard tree structure entity implement.

# Installation

  1. Install the following NuGet packages. (see how (opens new window))

    • EasyAbp.Abp.Trees.Domain
    • EasyAbp.Abp.Trees.Domain.Shared
    • EasyAbp.Abp.Trees.EntityFrameworkCore
  2. Add DependsOn(typeof(AbpTreesXxxModule)) attribute to configure the module dependencies. (see how (opens new window))

# Usage

  1. Create a entity and implement ITree<TEntity>.

  2. Create a Repository for the entity. EfCoreTreeRepository<TDbContext, TEntity> override some function of EfCoreRepository<TDbContext, TEntity, TKey> to match tree structure:

    • InsertAsync :Auto Append node Code and Calc Level property when insert

    • UpdateAsync :Auto Move node when update a Entity that parentId is modified

    • DeleteAsync :Also delete Children nodes

  3. You have two ways to use this Repository

    • Way 1 : Default Repository(ITreeRepository<>),
      Add context.Services.AddTreeRepository<MyProjectNameDbContext>(); to ConfigureServices method in MyProjectNameEntityFrameworkCoreModule.cs.

    • Way 2 : Create a CustomRepository that base on EfCoreTreeRepository<TDbContext, TEntity>

    • Example:

    context.Services.AddAbpDbContext<TestDbContext>(options =>
    	options.AddDefaultRepositories(includeAllEntities: true);//add Abp's `IRepository<TEntity>`
    	options.AddDefaultTreeRepositories();//add `ITreeRepository<TEntity>` for all Entity with implement `ITree<TEntity>`
    	options.TreeEntity<Resource>(x => x.CodeLength = 10);//set CodeLength for each Entity(Default:5)

# Sample

It works fine with Volo.Abp.Application.Services.CrudAppService.

After replacing IRepository<> with ITreeRepository<Domain.OrganizationUnit>, the repository will handle the tree structure of the entity during creating, updating, and deleting.

    public class OrganizationUnitAppService:
            Domain.OrganizationUnit, Application.OrganizationUnitDto,
            Application.OrganizationUnitDto,Guid, Volo.Abp.Application.Dtos.IPagedAndSortedResultRequest,
        public OrganizationUnitAppService(
            EasyAbp.Abp.Trees.ITreeRepository<Domain.OrganizationUnit> organizationUnitRepository


# Roadmap

  • [ ] Widget of tree operation for MVC UI.
  • [ ] Create a TreeManager to provides more function,example: Sort(reassigned code),Ui Pagination...
  • [ ] More Unit tests.
Last Updated: 1/15/2021, 7:32:35 AM