# LoggingManagement

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An abp application module to help you query and manage your application logs.

# Installation

  1. Install the following NuGet packages. (see how (opens new window))

    • EasyAbp.LoggingManagement.Application
    • EasyAbp.LoggingManagement.Application.Contracts
    • EasyAbp.LoggingManagement.HttpApi
    • EasyAbp.LoggingManagement.HttpApi.Client
    • (Optional) EasyAbp.LoggingManagement.Provider.TencentCloudCls
    • (Optional) EasyAbp.LoggingManagement.Web
  2. Add DependsOn(typeof(LoggingManagementXxxModule)) attribute to configure the module dependencies. (see how (opens new window))

# Usage

  1. Add permissions to the roles you want.

  2. Configure the system log provider.

    • Tencent Cloud CLS:
      public override void ConfigureServices(ServiceConfigurationContext context)
          // You can also
          Configure<LoggingManagementTencentCloudClsOptions>(x =>
              x.SecretId = "pgZWZ8d1utwmDvG8BNP0QDZqM6cQIi2DIdGV";
              x.SecretKey = "6yb5Ykyks2UyhUGDMnzWIylXjz8xrQau";
              x.Region = "ap-guangzhou";
              x.LogSetId = "2e99fe65-5c24-43ad-ba78-8bee7d30c277";
              x.TopicId = "27b8ebf6-921a-4b5c-96e9-3ff0ec2308be";
              x.IsIntranet = false;

    You can also use ABP settings (opens new window) to control the values of the above options. We recommend to you a great tool module to manage settings: Abp.SettingUI (opens new window).

Index Detail

# Road map

  • [ ] Multi system log container.
  • [ ] Support audit log management.
  • [ ] More system log provider.
Last Updated: 9/20/2022, 8:11:12 AM